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At the end of the payment process, you will again be asked to establish a Paypal account if you do not have one, but down at the bottom of that page, in very small type, will be "NOT NOW."   Click on that if you do not want to establish an account..

  Below is the Paypal Payment Button for either ISS membership payment or payment for the "SHAW at THE SHAW" Conference Registration.  If you want to do both, please do them separately, one at a time, for the sake of clear record-keeping.  When you hit "Pay Now," you will have the option to use or create a Paypal account or to use a debit or credit card without having to establish a Paypal account.

If you're paying for 2017 ISS membership (which might include donations and journal orders), enter the dollar amount, the total you arrived at, on line 5 of the membership form, found at You can mail or email the filled-in form later or just summarize it in an email to

If you're paying for the  "SHAW at THE SHAW" conference registration, enter the amount that you selected in the registration process.   Your choices are:

     $190 if you have 2017 ISS Membership.

     $250 if you do NOT have 2017 ISS Membership.

     $  50 if you are a student with 2017 ISS Membership.

    $ 90 if you are a student who does NOT have 2017 ISS Membership. 

PLEASE NOTE: After you hit "Buy Now," don't hit "LOGIN" unless you want to pay with or create a Paypal account.   Below that login is a link labeled "Pay with Debit or Credit Card."  Hit that to pay without a Paypal account.